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Mosul Municipality Continues to Build Roads in Areas Affected by ISIS


The road construction project undertaken by the Mosul Municipality forms part of the general reconstruction process in the city.

Work is currently being conducted on paving the roads in the area known as “Kojak 10” by the Municipality in Mosul. The project is likely to take around a month to complete. Paving the roads of Mosul has represented an important part of the general reconstruction of the city following the destruction caused by ISIS rule and the ensuing liberation battles fought in the city in 2017.

This project included road maintenance, asphalting, and sidewalk maintenance. At the project level, we want to asphalt all the streets in the city. As for the maintenance teams, we are continuing both morning and evening maintenance of the main roads and streets. Currently, we have started maintenance in some interior areas and we continue to perform our duties”, noted Firas al-Sultan, an official from the Projects Department of the Mosul Municipality.

The initial projects launched by the Mosul Municipality to pave the city’s roads were initiated in 2018, rehabilitating the “60th street” which connects the industrial area of Mosul to large neighbourhoods of Msherifah I and II, Haramat, Tamouz and Ektisadeyeen in Western Mosul.

Other prominent reconstruction projects in Mosul supported by the Municipality include the clearance of rubble and traces of ISIS in the Old City, which was devastated by the terrorist group, which used it as its base in its self-proclaimed capital.

Initial estimates for the total reconstruction of Mosul were considered to be in the region of $100 billion over the duration of 10 years. Most of the reconstruction is being carried out by local, Iraqi companies and authorities. Nevertheless, the reconstruction of Mosul, and Iraq in general, has drawn interest from a number of foreign countries, especially those in the Gulf. For instance, the UAE pledged $50 million to support the reconstruction of the Nuri Mosque in cooperation with UNESCO. Many of the foreign investors were sought by Iraq and the Reconstruction Conference held in Kuwait in February 2018.