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Mosul Municipality paves and rehabilitates 60 streets in the city


The Municipality of Mosul has begun rehabilitating a few streets in Mosul. The restoration process will be covering an area of 2000 meters squared and will connect many industrial areas to larger neighbourhoods throughout Mosul.

Continuing the process of reconstructing Mosul, the Governor of Nineveh and the city’s Municipality have begun paving and rehabilitating many important streets. Among these streets is the “60th street” which connects the industrial area of Mosul to large neighbourhoods of Msherifah I and II, Haramat, Tamouz and Ektisadeyeen in Western Mosul. The street was liberated from ISIS on the 1st of January 2017 and has been used heavily by the returning citizens despite the damages that it incurred. The Projects Division in the Mosul Municipality said that it had used over 400 tons of asphalt which stretch across 2000 meters squared. The work being done to this road is not limited to paving. The work has included sorting out the sewage system below the street.

“Workers will continue to pave and repair the street, as well as sort out the sewage, so the street can serve the citizens and reduce the suffering of markets and vehicles that pass on this road,” said Faisal Aza’yan the head of the Projects Division responsible for Western Mosul. “The municipality will continue its work to improve services for all citizens and in all neighbourhoods and streets of our beloved Mosul.”

Citizens have shown their appreciation for the conduction of this project as it will allow them to travel easier across the various areas in Mosul. “We hope the citizens will cooperate with them because they are exerting efforts throughout the night and day,” said a Moslawi citizen who has been witnessing the work. “Now it is 1 o’clock at night, and they continue to work.”
Since its liberation from ISIS in July 2017, the city of Mosul has seen a large reconstruction movement led by local organisations and volunteers from the city. Citizens who have returned to their areas have put much effort into rehabilitating their stores and homes in hope of inspiring more displaced Mosalwis to return and do the same.