Mosul: examining recent developments in the battle against ISIS

Iraqi Security Forces continue to make progress in the battle for Mosul as ISIS loses its hold on the eastern part of the city. Almost the entire left bank has been liberated from ISIS control.

Since the second phase of operations to liberate Mosul began in December, Iraq has strengthened its forces with the participation of the army’s 9th, 16th and 17th Divisions, Counter Terrorism Forces, the Federal Police and more recently Rapid Reaction Forces all fighting to defeat ISIS.

Recent developments indicate that forces have managed to make incursions into the April 7th neighborhood, in addition to al-Sadeeq and al-Hadbaa. The city’s presidential palace and the University of Mosul appears to be the next targets for Iraqi forces.

On the front line in al-Baladiyat neighborhood, pictures show Iraqi forces attempting to shoot down a drone operated by ISIS militants.