Ministry of Displacement Gives Financial Support to Returnees in Tikrit


Around 4,500 displaced families from Tikrit and other cities in Salahuddin are registered to receive grants from the Ministry of Displacement in Iraq.

In Iraq, more than 4.2 million people, including over 2 million children, have returned to their places of origin, while over 1.7 million people, including over 900,000 children, remain displaced. Many displaced people are from cities in Salahuddin such as Tikrit, where they are still unable to go to their homes despite their city’s liberation four years ago.

This prolonged displacement felt by hundreds of thousands of people has led to increased vulnerabilities among internally displaced people (IDPs). According to UNICEF, a significant proportion of displaced people are facing very high needs.

We are humiliated every day, we live without electricity, coolers, and salaries in this extreme heat. Where are we supposed to go? I do not have a salary, if I had a salary I would not stay here and my father is an old man,” said one displaced man.

Thousands of IDPs from Tikrit, Balad and Samarra are still unable to return to their cities of origin due to the fact that their homes and neighbourhoods were destroyed in the fighting that took place during operations against ISIS. The campaign against the ISIS in the province of Salahuddin resulted in the displacement of at least 28,000 residents. This is not including the thousands who fled upon ISIS’ takeover of key towns and cities such as Tikrit and Balad.

Additionally, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), access to employment and livelihood opportunities continues to be the main concern of IDPs in nearly all locations. According to statistics, employment opportunities were among the top three issues stated by displaced people across the country.

In order to support these people who have been displaced for years, the Ministry for Migration and Displacement has begun offering grants to thousands of families in camps across the province of Salahuddin in order to facilitate their return to their towns and cities. This grant will not only help IDPs move from displacement camps, which are running low on supplies and goods, but will also give these IDPs an opportunity to build a future for themselves.