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Medical institute formed to treat victims of war in Termanin, Syria


A medical institute was formed by the Balsam Organisation in the village of Turmanin to treat the victims of war in Syria. The association brings together medical professionals and specialists who provide treatment to the citizens.

A medical institute has been established by the Balsam Organisation, an NGO based in Termanin, Idlib Province, northern Syria. The institute has been set up to provide emergency medical support for the victims of Syria’s conflict, which is now in its seventh year.

“We thank the Balsam Organisation and the other participating organisations for forming this core medical associations group in the village of Turmanin to support those injured,” said one of the sponsors of the medical institute. “We, the sponsors, serve our people and our entire society in Turmanin and other areas. With the support of the organisation and other organisations as well as the moral support provided by our people in Syria, we hope that we [the medical institute] will be able to serve the community.”

Thousands of people, including many children, have been caught in the crossfire and wounded across Syria. Last year, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) released a report which stated that 2017 was the deadliest year for Syrian children. According to the report, 910 children were killed, with a further 361 children injured.

In Syria’s northern province of Idlib, injuries and deaths from airstrikes remain a daily reality for the region’s civilian population. Rebel-infighting has also contributed to the increasing number of deaths, as groups struggle for control across the province.

The opening of a medical facility in Turmanin, which has the resources available to treat injuries that are typical of combat zones, such as shrapnel injuries and burns, is a welcome development in the town.

Many of the residents of Turmanin, many of whom have been displaced to the town from Aleppo, hope that the new medical facility will limit the number of casualties and remove the need for injured people to risk travelling to other towns in Idlib to seek treatment.

“My house was hit with an explosive [bomb] and my children were injured,” said Rashid Muhajer, who is originally from Aleppo, but was displaced to Turmanin with his family. “My first daughter lost her hip and the second was hit by shrapnel in her brain which led to half paralysis. My son was also injured, his first leg was amputated and his second leg was severely injured. The association [Balsam Organisation] is very good and offers a lot of help for the child and for those injured. They help you reach specialists able to treat specific injuries.”