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Libya: Festival Organised In Benghazi To Promote Communal Peace

North Africa

Libya's "Peacemakers Organisation" held a celebration in Benghazi earlier this week, which aimed to recognise all those who contribute to the spread of peace.

In the city of Benghazi in Libya, a festival was organised by the Peacemakers’ Organisation, which seeks to celebrate peace and national reconciliation.

The festival awarded prizes to several organisations and individuals throughout Libya for their continued work on promoting peace and coexistence in the country.

“We, the Peacemakers’ Organisation, have prepared this festival and the prize was named after Mohammed al-Zawawi,” said Taha al-Abar, a founding member of the Peacemakers’ Organisation. “It is the first prize of the Peacemakers’ Organisation, and the audience included figures who had made peace or contributed to the spread of communal peace.”

Al-Zawawi, who the prize was named after, was a founding member of the Peacemakers’ Organisation who was assassinated in a bombing in October 2013 in Benghazi. Since his assassination, his organisation has been determined to continue the work that he began in attempting to build bridges between communities in Libya.

“This is a civil organisation that seeks to establish the concepts and culture of peace within Libya,” said Dr Izza Omar, a member of the teaching committee at the Omar al-Mukhtar school. “The organisation has undertaken several activities aimed at spreading peace.”

Throughout their years of operation, the organisation, which worked throughout many cities in Libya, held seminars and workshops to teach young people about the importance of national reconciliation following the emergence of conflict in Libya in 2011. Furthermore, the organisation has also conducted workshops that seek to highlight the importance of women’s role in achieving, spreading, and teaching peace to the younger generations.

Attendees of the festival expressed their happiness as it has allowed them to network with other individuals and civil society organisations aiming for the same goal.

“We thank the Peacemakers’ Organisation for their invitation, and we are all on the path of peace and spreading it,” said Noor Faraj, the founder of the Breaking Barrier Organisation.

With the security situation in Libya further improving, the role of civil society is being highlighted more and more as a means of promoting national reconciliation and peaceful coexistence throughout the country.