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Libya: Civil activists provide humanitarian aid to flood victims in al-Ghat

North Africa

In Libya, a convoy of aid has arrived at the city of al-Ghat in a show of solidarity from the neighbouring Awjila, a city on the other side of the country.

The late part of May and first half of June saw heavy flooding concentrated in the south-west of Libya as a result of heavy rains. Much of the flooding has affected to people of al-Ghat, where around four people were killed, 30 people were injured and thousands more were forced to leave the city. In addition, roads were blocked and the only hospital serving the city was flooded. The ensuing chaos pushed civil as well as international aid groups to action.

The UN Refugee Agency reported that all of the inhabitants of al-Ghat are in need of aid as a result of the flooding. This includes “shelter, food and basic items”. The UN Refugee Agency has already provided aid in the form of “family tents, mattresses, blankets, drinkable water, plastic sheets and clothes”.

Aid has also arrived to al-Ghat from the nieghbouring town of Awjila. A resident of al-Ghat thanked the efforts made by the committee in Awjila that provided relief in conjunction with civil society groups to the people of al-Ghat:

God bless our people in the city of al-Ghat, and praise them. We express our condolences to the people who died. We thank the people in the city of Awjila for helping our people in al-Ghat. We thank the elderly and the municipality for the great efforts that have been made.”

The lack of support from the political authorities that are governing the al-Ghat region is telling, as the local residents are relying on support from international aid agencies such as the UNHCR and local civil society groups. The al-Ghat region is currently under the military control of the Libyan National Army (LNA) ever since Khalifa Haftar’s forces swept across the southern regions of Libya at the start of 2019. The focus over the past two months has been on the military confrontations in Tripoli following the LNA offensive on the Libyan capital.