Lebanese Army Arrests Wanted Men in Bekaa following Clan Clashes

Middle East

The Lebanese Army Command announced that two men involved in an inter-clan shootout in the Bekaa region on the 20th of June have been arrested. The shootout was between the Jaafar and al-Jamal clans occured near the Lebanese-Syrian border and resulted in the injuring of one person.

The Lebanese army arrested two people involved in shooting incidents between families in the eastern Bekaa region last week as part of a security plan to end chaos and restore stability along the border with Syria.

The Army Command announced in a statement Sunday that the intelligence unit arrested in the city of Hermel Nidal Hamadeh, who was wanted for shooting and injuring one person, and for recently inciting disputes between two families in the city.

The Army Intelligence also arrested Marwan Shamel Jaafar for taking part in shootouts, while an unspecified amount of various types of drugs were found in his possession, according to the statement.

Lebanon’s National News Agency (NNA) said that Jaafar was arrested at an army checkpoint in the area and had not been carrying identity documents.

The arrests coincided with agreements reached by the reconciliation committees of clans in the northeastern most point of Lebanon, which resulted in the hand over of two wanted persons to the army intelligence.

Violent clashes sparked by inter-clan disputes had broken out between the Jaafar and Al-Jamal clans in the Bekaa region on the Lebanese-Syrian border on June 20.

The army intervened and implemented a security plan to arrest the perpetrators and maintain security in the region.

A group called “Together for the Hermel” had held a sit-in in front of the government Serail in Beirut to protest the chaos and demand better security.

Image: Reuters

Article: Asharq al-Awsat