Lack of basic services aggravates suffering of residents in Nahaj, Daraa

In this small village in the province of Daraa, residents and the displaced are suffering every day due to the almost complete lack of services and humanitarian support. People across the province have felt the devastating effects of this destructive war that has been raging for 6 years now. Basic infrastructure in the province has been decimated and millions of people have been displaced.

In the province of Daraa, the situation is as bleak as ever. With limited aid entering the worst effected area and a completely defunct local authority, ordinary civilians in the province have been left without electricity, clean water to drink and food.

Local activists say that one of the worst issues faced by the village of Nahaj, along with other villages and towns in Daraa, is the sewage network which has been almost completely damaged by the fighting.

Furthermore, these helpless residents struggle to even obtain clean drinking water as there is no network for clean drinking water and there is no source of clean drinking water in villages such as this. Instead, people, who are living in abject poverty are forced to purchase water at very high prices. Lack of clean water and inoperative sewage systems have led to the rapid spread of diseases and waterborne illnesses.

This has been an ongoing issue among residents in the southwest of Syria. In the nearby town of Hayt, waterborne diseases were rapidly spreading among an estimated 4,000 residents who have resorted to drinking from a contaminated river after an ISIS affiliated group seized and then cut off their freshwater supply a few months ago. Hundreds of civilians contracted infections after drinking water from the Yarmouk River.

Other issues include the extortionately high price of basic foods and sustenance, the severe shortage of medical equipment and medication in a province that has faced the very worst effects of this brutal war.