Human Rights

Kurds Call For Humanitarian Aid Amidst Displacement


The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has announced that humanitarian organisations are withdrawing their aid from the region.

Much of the territory that has been governed by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AA) over the past few years since the liberation of previously ISIS-held lands by the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) have been a refuge for internally displaced people (IDP) from across the country in IDP camps scattered throughout the north and east of Syria.

Nevertheless, with the Turkish military operation in northern Syria, dubbed “Operation Peace Spring” by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), in full swing, instability has affected the region, which is now seeing its own internal migrations. Over the past week, it is estimated that over 150,000 people have been displaced from their homes as a result of the offensive, which is being conducted not only by the TSK but Turkish-backed rebels groups, most notably the Syrian National Army (SNA).

A number of prominent international aid organisations have reported that they will be pulling out from the region as a consequence of the increased insecurity and instability. This includes organisations such as Mercy Corps and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), that have recently announced that they will be taking their staff out from the region.

The AA has called on international humanitarian organisations to provide relief to civilians that have been subject to the military attacks as it struggles to keep pace with the military situation as well as the distressing conditions in the IDP camps, especially with regards to the risk of a break out of thousands of ISIS-affiliated individuals. Several ISIS members have already managed to escape the camps.

Some of the aid that will be withdrawn from the region includes support for health clinics, safe water supply and food distribution. The Kurdish Red Crescent is currently one of the main aid organisations working on the ground to provide relief to civilians.