Kurdistan Region announces e-governance to fight corruption

SULAIMANI – The Kurdistan Region announced on Thursday (December 7) implementation of an e-governance administration system to accelerate the government’s work and to prevent corruption.

Speaking during a conference of E-Governance and Public Service Center Project in Erbil, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Interior Minister, Karim Sinjari, said the change from the previous governance administration system, in which institutions were paper based, to e-governance aims at providing high quality services to people.

E-governance refers to the use of electronics, specifically computer and internet networks for all government information management.

“E-governance will accelerate the government’s tasks and make them transparent, and it also prevents corruption,” Sinjari added.

The new system will first start in the ministry of interior, he noted.

“The ministry of interior will stand by and support the implementation of the project during the next four years. We will make serious efforts to complete it successfully with the help of UNDP and international partners,” he said.

NRT reporter Renas Ali said UNDP has provided $200,000 USD to the ministry of interior to implement the project.

The Kurdish government has been using paper-based system in the region, slowing down work and causing challenges for clients visiting the institutions when they need paperwork completed.

KRG introduced a new electronic payment system last October that would be used to modernize the region’s current method of distributing wages to government employees.

The system was set up to address the issue of “ghost employees,” to keep track of the names and spending on the KRG’s payroll. According to KRG’s statistics in the new biometric system, the number of Kurdish employees is now 1,249,481, down from 1.4 million.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT