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Six Kurdish Parties Meet, Reject Results Of Iraqi Parliamentary Election


Six Kurdish Parties including Gorran, the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), and Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ), reject the results for the Iraqi Parliamentary elections over accusations of 'fraud'.

Six Kurdish political parties met in Erbil on Monday (May 14) and rejected results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections over “electoral fraud.”

They said in a joint statement that the principles of democracy have been violated and called on the Iraqi High Electoral Commission to respond to their demands.

The leaders of the six Kurdish political parties; Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ), Change Movement (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), Islamic Movement and Kurdistan Communist Party, met at KIG’s politburo in Erbil.

“Unfortunately, the electronic process for the election has faced interference and planned vote rigging beforehand,” the statement read.

They called for the election to be held again immediately in the Kurdistan Region, Kirkuk and other disputed areas under international auditing.

“For this purpose we take various political, legal and peaceful proceedings away from violence… We will form a joint committee with cooperation of those six parties to investigate and return the stolen votes of the people and leave the door open for any other party who wants to defend the votes of our nation.”

Meanwhile, the New Generation issued a statement and said it will file lawsuit against the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections and called on the other parties who complain fraud, to take immediate and influential action.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged Iraqi political parties to resolve electoral disputes through “established legal channels”, Spokesman for the Secretary-General said on Sunday (May 13).

Guterres called on the political actors and their supporters in Iraq to uphold peace as the election results are proceed, Spokesman for the Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric said in a statement.

UN Secretary-General also urged the political parties to “complete the electoral process by forming an inclusive government as soon as possible.”

The United Nations remains committed to supporting the Iraqi government and Iraqis, Guterres said.

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Article: NRT