New novel released depicting ISIS' occupation of Kobani


Jean Dost is a Kurdish author from the Syrian city of Kobani. He has recently published a book called 'Kobani', in which he narrates stories of life in Kobani before, during and after the ISIS invasion.

With the rise of the so-called Islamic State in Syria in 2014, the terrorist group launched a huge offensive against the Kurdish-dominated city of Kobani in the north of Syria. ISIS besieged the city, which was defended by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), who had originally taken control of the city back in 2012 from the Syrian Regime during the initial stages of the Syrian Civil War.

Jan Dost, a Kurdish writer from Kobani, has written a novel that is named after the city and related to this turbulent period of its recent history.

The launch of the book took place at the Erbil International Book Fair in Iraqi Kurdistan. The book documents some of the incidents that took place in Kobani, from the beginning of ISIS’ occupation until the city’s liberation.

I am from Kobanî and I have good memories of the city. I have been away from this city for 18 years, and when the conflict took place, I remembered all of my memories there. I wrote a novel about it, about the resistance which was victorious, and about the time I lived there”, said the author of the book, Jan Dost.

The Kurdish writer is famous among Kurdish readers for his numerous works. He is known for writing novels and he has written three books, portraying numerous events that took place in his country over the course of the ongoing Syrian crisis.

The defence of Kobani by the YPG against ISIS marked a watershed moment in northern Syria, from where the terrorist group has all but completely been eliminated. The people of Kobani continue to commemorate the victims of the terrorist group’s offensive against the city, especially with regards to the massacre committed by ISIS at the end of June 2015, in which hundreds of civilians lost their lives.