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The difficulties faced by the municipality of Kasrat in Raqqa


Citizens in the municipality of Kasrat in Raqqa are attempting to provide services for the city despite their limited capabilities.

The Kasrat municipality was established in April of this year. Its main functions cover the management of waste, administration of aid coming to the Kasrat region, and the renovation of infrastructure.

As of now, the Kasrat municipality possess modest resources and capabilities. Nevertheless, staff at the municipality have organised a number of initiatives to rehabilitate the region to the best of their abilities.

Plenty of waste has accumulated in the area after long periods of neglect. The municipality has arranged for waste management services to clear the rubbish having received the necessary equipment to accomplish the job. The municipality has even initiated a waste collection services that collect the rubbish from each household on a deaily basis.

The municipality is also working on the irrigation and pumping stations as well as installing a sewage system.

They are nevertheless experienced a number of difficulties. The municipality is lacking in certain modes of transport, as the local police and social services are struggling to navigate their way around the area to meet the needs of the communities living in Kasrat. In addition, the waste management teams are experiencing difficulties in dealing with the sheer amount of waste that exists in the area due to a lack of appropriate equipment.

The Kasrat region is situated to the south of the city of Raqqa. The region encompasses a number of towns and villages south of the Euphrates River, which separates Raqqa city from its countryside areas. The municipality forms part of the general network of local councils in areas held by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the north of Syria. The municipality in Kasrat comes under the general administration of the Raqqa Civilian Council, which was set up to administer the affairs of the province in the aftermath of the liberation of Raqqa by the SDF from ISIS in October 2017.

Image: News Deeply