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Jordan Tightens Penalties For Violators Of Coronavirus Rules

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Jordan will implement new fines up to $1,410 and one year jail for those who violate coronavirus restrictions. It comes as the country battles a new wave of infections across the country.

DUBAI: People who violate rules brought in to control COVID-19 in Jordan will face a fine of up to $1,410 and one year jail, as part of new policies introduced as the country struggles with rising cases, state news agency Petra has reported.

The new defense order, announced by Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh, details penalty amendments for first time and repeat offenders, as well as for hospitals and other establishments.

It comes as the country battles a new wave of infections across the country.

The new order also penalizes hospital administrators, health centers, and medical laboratories that withhold information about COVID-19 cases from authorities.

Although the penalties were detailed, Adaileh said more severe punishments could still be imposed against violators.

“Official and scientific health references confirm that we are in a state of societal spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, prevention is no longer an option, but rather a decision, a duty and a moral and humanitarian responsibility” he said.

The minister also announced new home quarantine rules for people coming from other countries. They were now required to isolate for two weeks, instead of one, and there will be additional tests at the end of each week.

Article: Arab News

Image: File/AFP