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Jarablus witnesses significant reconstruction efforts 2 years after liberation


Towns such as Jarablus in northern Syria that were freed from ISIS rule are witnessing an economi c resurgence. A large reconstruction movement has been launched in the town, giving many unemployed residents jobs.

In the city of Jarablus in Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria, significant efforts have been ongoing to restore and reconstruct the local area.

Two years ago, the city of Jarablus was captured from ISIS’ control by Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups as part of operation Euphrates Shield. The capturing of Jarablus represented the first foray into northern Syria by the Turkish-backed groups at that time. Since then, the Jarablus Local Council and the Turkish authorities have made significant efforts rehabilitating the city after the end of the conflict, often providing local people with employment in construction and manufacturing.

“Reconstruction helped to reduce unemployment. It created jobs for many professions and many of our displaced brothers who came to Jarabulus,” said Khilawi Khilawi, a local merchant in the city.

Due to the scale of the damage,  efforts to rebuild doubled as more and more citizens with capital relocated to the city and invested their money. Many citizens who remained patiently in the city despite ISIS’ tyranny say that reconstructing the town is no less important than fighting for it.

“All the people are working, our work is well, and our situation is fine. I did not leave the country, and I will not leave it,” said Mohammed Saleh, a construction worker in Jarablus. “We will rebuild the country with our own hands, and we will not leave it, we have stayed here, and our situation is fine.”

Since its recapture from ISIS in 2016, the city of Jarablus has become a destination for many displaced people, who see it as a safe and developing city. Jarablus also served as a destination to Syrian rebels who evacuated the town of Dumayr, east of Damascus, in April of this year.

Reconstruction efforts like the one in Jarablus have been taking place in numerous towns and citys  throughout Syria, which to many signals the start of the reconstruction phase in Syria after the bloody civil war that began in 2011.