ISIS’s religious police clamp down on residents in Mosul

Al-Aan news exposes the policies of brutality and repression that ISIS militants use against Mosul residents on a daily basis. Among the most barbarous acts is the use of “biters” from the group’s so-called Hisba (religious police), where militants clamp metal teeth on an individual’s skin and then pull it away to rip off flesh.

A young girl from Mosul talks about how two women, Um Abdallah and Um al-Muminin Njoud, were the most notorious “biters” and used to bite female prisoners “from their shoulders until flesh was ripped out”.

This is not the first time that AlShahid has reported on this heinous method of punishment for women. In September, the archaic punishment of “biting” women was exposed, along with other forms of inhumane treatment such as public flogging for those that did not conform to the ‘correct’ dress code.