ISIS jihadi leader surrenders to Syrian Democratic Forces near Manbij

A leading member of the Islamic State (ISIS) surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Wednesday, military sources reported.

Abu Abdullah al-Bahreni had led a band of ISIS militants as they tried to infiltrate into Mestariha District, in southwestern Manbij. SDF troops interrupted the attempt, raking the infiltrators with small arms fire.

The Bahraini jihadist was the chief of the ISIS-led Hisba Police in Kifsa town. According to the SDF, al-Bahreni could have escaped, but instead gave himself up.

“After the SDF foiled an attempt by ISIS to infiltrate into Manbij, a number of ISIS militants, headed by al-Bahreni, surrendered themselves to the SDF,” Kurdish officer Habun Osman told ARA News.

“At least seven ISIS militants were killed in the clashes,” the SDF officer explained. “The rest surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

An SDF spokesman confirmed Wednesday’s clashes and al-Bahreni’s capture. He added that “having a prominent ISIS official like Abu Abdullah al-Bahreni surrendering to the SDF, indicates the helplessness of the terrorist group.”

The city of Manbij had served for over two years as the Islamic State’s main stronghold on the Syrian-Turkish border. Supported by the US-led coalition, the SDF liberated the city and its countryside in mid-August, 2016.

Image: isis live map

Article: ARA News