Exclusive footage inside an ISIS prison in Tal Afar

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has just declared full victory over ISIS in Tal Afar. This momentous victory means that the whole of the province of Nineveh has officially been liberate from the extremist militants who rampaged through and occupied it during the summer of 2014. The Iraqi forces made blistering progress in the campaign to liberate Tal Afar.

The Iraqi army, in coordination with the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), Federal Police and the Counter Terrorism Forces blazed through Tal Afar, liberating the town in 8 days, before advancing onto the town of Ayadiya, where they encountered heavy resistance from ISIS militants, many of whom fled from the main town of Tal Afar to the sub-district.

As the Iraqi forces took control of the town, details about ISIS rule in Tal Afar began to come through. Torture chambers and prisons began to be set up by the militants to punish dissidents, ‘heretics’ and ‘apostates’. Historical sites such as the Tal Afar citadel was converted into a prison for women and girls who were to be forcibly married to ISIS fighters, as well as a torture chamber for dissidents.

As shown in the footage, the ISIS militants used to drug their prisoners before torturing them in order to get information about potential spies in Tal Afar.