ISIS are losing territory on all fronts in Syria

All forces fighting against ISIS in Syria are making progress against the terrorist group. The primary focus is now on the SDF’s battle against ISIS for the liberation of Raqqa in the final stage of Operation Wrath of the Euphrates.

A second neighbourhood has been captured by the SDF in the eastern part of the city after their initial victory over ISIS in the Mashlab district. They now find themselves on the edges of the Old City of Raqqa on its eastern front.

On the western front, the SDF have succeeded in entering the neighbourhood of Hittin after gaining control of two neighbourhoods: Roumaniya and Sabahiya. Fighting has also ensued against ISIS militants in the Sinaa district where heavy car bomb attacks on SDF positions have been reported. Despite these attacks, the SDF continues to make progress as their fighters captured a car bomb factory in Sinaa and have made gains in the Bab Baghdad district, getting closer to the Abdul Salam al-Ajili Mosque.

From the northern areas, the SDF are having some difficulties making advances into the 17th Division base, a former Syrian army base and one of ISIS’ most significant military bases in Syria. Last week, the SDF captured the base, before ISIS launched a counter attack on Saturday. The base is currently split between SDF and ISIS control and would represent a strategic acquisition for the both groups.

As for the regime’s forces, attempts are being made to push forward across Homs Province. Reports indicate that the forces have advanced into the Arak gas field, just northeast of the city of Palmyra.

ISIS has been losing ground to the SDF, the Syrian Army and rebel forces over the past few weeks. However, all eyes are currently on the SDF’s push to take Raqqa from ISIS hands. Raqqa is considered to be the de facto capital of ISIS in the country.

The final stage of Operation Wrath of the Euphrates was launched on 6 June. These operations have been ongoing since early November 2016.

Image: HRW