ISIS crimes in Yarmouk Basin militants storm homes and threaten families

As the battle between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) group The Southern Front continue operations against the ISIS-linked Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid in southwestern Syria, further stories of the ISIS affiliate are emerging that highlight the group’s brutality towards civilians in the area.

The man interviewed, Younis Mahmoud, speaks about how the ISIS-affiliated militants, led by an Emir called Abu Hammam, stormed his house in Mazira’a and claimed it as their own. Luckily, the man, along with his daughter, crawled along the wheat fields before leaving the house. However, militants caught him and kept him captive at their headquarters for four days where he was beaten and tortured.

When he returned to his house, his daughters were missing and militants had taken his possessions. The man has since left his house to reside elsewhere due to the lasting memory of the attack on his family and the fear for their future. At the end of the interview, Younis recalls how “ISIS gangs spread corruption, killing sheikhs, children and women” before talking about the 90-year-old Sheikh called Abu Abdo al-Rifai from Adawa, who was decapitated by the militants.

This event happened in February 2017, when the group launched attacks on the towns of Tasil, Siblin, Saham al-Jawlan and Adawan. Thousands were displaced as a result of the fighting, while other women, men and children were killed by the group.