ISIS affiliate Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid imprisoned and tortured this elderly woman in Daraa

An elderly woman from Daraa recounts the moment she was arrested and taken captive by militants belonging to the group Jaish Khaled Ibn al-Walid, an ISIS affiliate, which operates solely in western Daraa, southwestern Syria.

The group is made up predominately of three groups, the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, the Islamic Muthanna Movement and the Army of Jihad, which merged in May 2016 after operating independently around the Syria-Jordan border. The group is known for its ruthless and barbaric attack on civilians in the area, many of whom have suffered countless aggressions and violations in the past few months.

The woman interviewed says that she her son was initially killed by the militants, and when attempting to find her son’s body, she was arrested and put in prison. There, she was subjugated to all forms of torture, saying that she was “beaten and humiliated” and that the militants “used all sorts of torture on us”.

The militants eventually let her go after 15 days of torture and beatings, but only after she contacted a relative in Kuwait, who sent the group money for her release. “May God avenge them,” said the woman to the screen in anger. “I hope that the Free Syrian Army will come together and save us from this plague.”

Currently, the Free Syrian Army coalition of groups known as the Southern Front, which operate in southern Syria primarily in Daraa Province, are engaging the ISIS-affiliate to attempt to remove the terrorist group’s nefarious presence from the area.

The Southern Front’s operations, known in Arabic as Fatah al-Futouh, have thus far moved slowly as they attempt to uproot a group that has been entrenched in the area for years.