ISIS abandons weapons after fleeing from Mahmoudli in Raqqa Province

ISIS militants have abandoned their weapons and ammunition after coming under sustained pressure from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and fleeing from Mahmoudli in Raqqa Province. A number of ISIS fighters were also killed in the intense clashes.

According to an SDF soldier, his forces underwent a major assault in the early hours on the morning, killing ISIS militants and confiscating their weapons.  “As you can see there are assault rifles, a number of RPGs, suicide belts, ammo chains and medical equipment,” said the SDF soldier interviewed.

The SDF are currently undertaking a major military campaign against ISIS in its Raqqa stronghold as part the Euphrates Wrath operations. SDF are attempting to encircle the terrorist group in what is considered the so-called Islamic State’s capital city.

On Thursday, the SDF announced that they had regained all locations south of Manbij after an ISIS counterattack. During operations, the SDF captured Abu Abdullah al-Bahreni, the chief of the ISIS Hisba Police in Kifsa, after his surrender. SDF also repelled an ISIS assault on the villages of  Shanat, Ayuj, Jada, Muhmudli and Jurniyah on Wednesday morning.

ISIS has committed horrifying crimes against its civilians in areas which it controls, including destroying homes and displacing families.