The ISF conduct a large scale pre-emptive operation against ISIS


Commander of the military operations in Nineveh Province, Najm al-Jabouri, has stated that the region will not fall to terrorists again. As a result, the Nineveh Operation Command has launched a large scale preemptive operation against ISIS militants in the province.

In Nineveh Province, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in cooperation with the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) have launched a large-scale preemptive operation against ISIS sleeper cells.

The operations, which were launched as a result of some politician’s fear-mongering, claiming that liberated cities will once again fall to ISIS’ hands, attempt to clear ISIS cells and instil comfort in citizens, who know that the security forces are there to protect them from any possible infiltrations. “We, the ones gathered here, will not remove our military ranks again and will not give Mosul away. I swear to God we will not give Mosul away,” said Major General Najm al-Jubouri, the commander of the Nineveh Operation Command.

Operations were launched across three different fronts in western Nineveh; the initial operation in the Badush Heights was successful in killing 25 ISIS militants. A further ten militants were arrested in the Shuhada’ and Salameyyah neighbourhoods in Mosul.

“The Nineveh Operations Command ordered the command of the 20th Infantry Division to inspect the Badush Heights, which is around 22 km squared,” said Brigadier General Rasheed abd-Rasheed the vice commander of the 20th Infantry Division. “We found some tunnels, some of which were destroyed by the engineering battalion and others by Apache aircraft of the International Coalition.”

According to Major General al-Jubouri, the operations against ISIS cells in Nineveh have all been based upon on-the-ground and aerial intelligence carried out by the Operations Command over the last few days.

The operations that have been launched have reassured citizens in the province that the memory of ISIS control over their city is long gone, and will not return.

Since the defeat of ISIS in Iraq in December 2017, the ISF and the PMU have launched several operations to rid the country from ISIS sleeper cells.

While these operations have been mostly successful, the spillover from clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS on the Iraqi-Syrian border earlier this month caused many to fear that the group will infiltrate and regroup inside Iraq.

Immediately after this threat arose, the PMU sent 20,000 fighters to protect the border and rid the border areas from any ISIS presence.