Iraqi Special Tactical Regiment Dismantle ISIS Cells In Anbar


Dispersed ISIS groups are attempting to reorganise in the Anbar desert, but the Iraqi Special Tactical Regiment continues to infiltrate and destroy their bases.

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in Anbar Province are continuing their operations to weed out ISIS’ sleeper cells and prevent ISIS from reorganising in the province’s desert. Last week, the Joint Operations Command in Anbar announced that its forces have killed at least three ISIS militants and have arrested two more near a hideout in Anbar Province.

The latest operation carried out by Iraqi’s Special Tactical Regiment in coordination with the Anbar Police and the Iraqi Army Air Force successfully uncovered an ISIS camp in the Husayniyat area, southwest of the province. Despite the militant group’s attempt to hide the camp by setting it up underground, the Iraqi Forces were able to discover and dismantle the camp due to intelligence reports that they have collected over the past few months.

“In coordination with the Anbar Operations Command, we are currently entering a significant ISIS camp,” said a member of Special Tactical Regiment while showing off the underground camp. “As you can see, ISIS militants used to hide underground, but they have escaped leaving behind their flags, the flags of darkness that have nothing to do with Islam.”

Since ISIS’ military defeat in December 2017, the group’s sleeper cells have attempted to regroup in Anbar’s desert to launch attacks on civilians throughout the country. Earlier this year, the militant group kidnapped and killed a group of men from Najaf hunting for truffles in the Nukhayb desert in Anbar, resulting in wide public outcry. Furthermore, the defeat of ISIS in Syria has resulted in some members of the group retreating to Iraq. This has resulted in the ISF intensifying their operations in the Anbar Desert to prevent the militant group from reorganising in the country. While Anbar province continues to be a strategic location for ISIS because it shares borders with three of Iraq’s neighbours, the ISF’s efforts have been successful in preventing the militants from holding any land.