Members of Iraqi Security Forces wounded fighting ISIS to receive full pensions: Minister


SULAIMANI — The federal defense minister said on Monday (August 12) that all members of the Iraqi Security Forces who were injured during the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will be able to retire with full pensions.

Minister of Defense Najah al-Shimmari said that the government was committed to upholding the rights of those members of the Iraqi Security Forces who were wounded and providing for the families of those who were killed in the line of duty.

He added that the ministry would continue to care for those where were injured, including arranging for medical procedures abroad if necessary.

Both the Iraqi Security Forces and the Peshmerga sustained heavy causalities fighting ISIS.

Citing the Iraqi interior ministry, Syrian outlet al-Masdar News reported in December 2017 that 26,000 security personnel had been killed and another 28,000 wounded during the four-year war.

The Kurdistan Regional Government said in June 2017 that 1,760 Peshmerga had been killed fighting ISIS, while around 9,000 were wounded. Sixty-three were reported as missing at that time.

Both Erbil and Baghdad have come under criticism for not doing enough to care for injured veterans and the families of those who were killed.

Article: NRT

Image: NRT