Iraqi Security Forces Continue To Pursue ISIS In Anbar


The Iraqi security forces have captured a number of ISIS members implicated in the death of innocent civilians in Anbar Province.

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in Anbar Province continue their operations to uproot ISIS sleeper cells from the province. In their latest operation, the Special Tactical Unit of the Anbar Police Command launched a preemptive attack on an ISIS cell, killing Sulaiman Muhammad Muda’an, an administrative director of the militant group in the province.

“[The militant] was shot and killed on the spot where he was carrying false IDs,” said Hadi Rzeij Kassar, the head of the Anbar Police. “After a thorough examination of this criminal, it was found that he is the wanted Sulaiman Mohammed Muda’an.”

During the same operation, three other militants were captured in the Razazah Lake, west of the Karbala Province.

Furthermore, in the operation carried out by the Directorate of Combatting Crime in Anbar, the forces arrested one militant accused of killing three police officers and a taxi driver. After killing the four citizens, the militant stole the taxi driver’s car, and later sold it in Wasit Province.

“He took my son to Kut and killed him there, why? My son did not do anything. He stole his money and his car,” said the victim’s father. “I demand his execution here in the governorate, and he shouldn’t be transferred to Baghdad or Kut.”

According to Kassar the people of Kut and the Directorate of Combatting Crime aided them in finding the victim’s car and the militant whose name was revealed to be Ali Mohammed Heneidi.

While the militant group’s activity has declined in the past few months, sleeper cells present in the country continue to pose a threat to the citizens. Furthermore, the defeat of ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria has resulted in some escaping militants reentering the country through the Syrian Iraqi border. As a result of this, the ISF in Anbar Province has stepped up their operations to clear prevent the militant group from carrying out attacks against civilians.