Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces discover an ISIS weapons storage in al-Tameem neighbourhood, Mosul

After successfully liberating the Mosul neighbourhood of al-Tameem, Iraq’s Counter Terrorism Forces discover a large ISIS weapons storage, housing stockpiles of ammunition used to target Iraqi army positions.

Pictures show various types of missiles and explosives, including C4 explosives and Katyusha rockets. The ammunition is expected to be safely removed by Iraqi forces and used to target ISIS bases.

The Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces announced that the neighbourhood has been completely swept and is under their control. The entire left bank will be liberated shortly.

Iraqi forces are currently consolidating liberated areas east of the city in their aim to drive ISIS out of Mosul. Forces continue to make gains, as General Rasoul, the Joint Task Force Spokesman, stated that Counter Terrorism Forces are close to liberating six new neighborhoods on Mosul’s left bank.