Iraqi forces pursue ISIS militants in the neighbourhoods of western Mosul

Since the operations began in western Mosul, Iraqi Security Forces have rapidly advanced into a series of neighbourhoods.

On 20 February, Iraqi forces captured the strategic village of Albu Saif to the south of Mosul. The PMU meanwhile recaptured Sahaji, the last ISIS-held village on the road between Tal Afar and Mosul, effectively cutting off the road between the two cities.

By the end of the week (24.02) the Iraqi forces managed to take the highly strategic Mosul airport, and subsequently liberated the Ghazlani military base to the its west. Following this strategic capture, the Federal Police, supported by the Iraqi army, entered the neighbourhood of al-Tayyran, the first neighbourhood entered by Iraqi forces in western Mosul.

After entering the district of al-Tayyaran, the Iraqi forces entered the al-Mansour, al-Shuhadaa and Dawas neighbourhoods.

On Monday (27.02), the Rapid Reaction Forces managed to infiltrate the Jawasaq neighbourhood and capture the 4th bridge linking the western part of the city to the eastern side. As the fighting intensified in the neighbourhood, casualties on both sides began to rise. However, the district was taken shortly after. There are reports that 120 ISIS militants were killed in the fighting across all of the southern neighbourhoods that the Iraqi forces had entered, within the first week of fighting.

The fighting between ISIS militants and Iraqi Security Forces has slowed in recent days as neighbourhoods are cleared of IEDs and residents are screened in the hunt for ISIS militants potentially hiding among civilians. However, the Joint Task Force announced today that the neighbourhood of Wadi Hajar has been liberated, after the area was stormed by Iraqi forces on Wednesday.