Iraqi civilians in east Mosul lack vital supplies as major source of aid is halted

Residents from the neighborhood of Insitar, east Mosul, are relying on food assistance from local organisations after the UN halted aid to the city due to ISIS attacks on residential neighborhoods. Locals are also suffering from a lack of clean drinking water and regular power cuts.

One man interviewed said that his neighborhood is being neglected, while surrounding areas are receiving food aid. “Our situation in Intisar neighborhood is so hard, this is the first delivery of aid to the neighborhood since liberation, no one cares about the neighborhood… there are no services, no electricity and we use water from wells, wells we dug with our own hands.”

Much of Mosul’s water and electricity infrastructure was damaged or completely destroyed during the fighting since October between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants. Before fleeing, ISIS members ruined vital infrastructure in scorched earth attacks, leaving the east of the city without vital services.

Placing further strain on the city’s resources are displaced civilians who fled their homes to find safety in temporary camps on the outskirts of the city. As the east of Mosul has been liberated, many are returning to their homes after enduring difficult conditions in the camps during the harsh winter season.

The UN has stated that it will resume aid to east Mosul early next week.