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Iraqi Army, Peshmerga Reach Agreement To Secure Areas West Of Tigris


A Kurdish major general announced that the Peshmerga have reached an agreement with the Iraqi Army over how to secure the areas west of the Tigris River from ISIS attacks.

The Iraqi army and the Peshmerga have reached an agreement over how to secure several areas west of the Tigris river, a Peshmerga major general has said.

Deputy commander of the Peshmerga forces in the area Hashim Sitayee told Anadolu Agency on Friday (May 24) that the agreement would provide security to all the communities in those areas.

“[The agreement] relieves the security vacuum and protects people west of the Tigris,” he said, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday (May 24).

The agreement affects Zumar district and Rabia sub-district but does not cover Sinjar, Sitayee added.

The Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces have agreed to respond to Islamic State (ISIS) movements in the area, he added.

Roads between Zumar district and Rabia sub-district and between Shela and Duhok have been reopened as part of the agreement, Sitayee noted.

Two committees have also been formed, which will hold at least two meetings  per month, to discuss security in the area, according to the Peshmerga major general.

Additional details were not immediately available.

ISIS militants have been active in those areas since the group’s rampage across Iraq in 2014, despite its defeat and loss of the territory. Since late 2015, Iraqi and Kurdish forces backed by US-led coalition air power have wrested back northern and western territory overran by the militants.

Baghdad declared military victory over ISIS last December, after having expelled the militants from all urban centers they had held in northern and western Iraq.

But the group has not completely disappeared and sleeper cells have been fighting a guerrilla war against government forces.

Image: Reuters

Article: NRT