Iraqi Security Forces Launch Sixth Phase of Operation Will of Victory Against ISIS


The anti-ISIS Will of Victory military operations launched by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have entered their sixth phase.

The head of the Anbar Operations Command, Nasser al-Ghanem, announced on Sunday that the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) had launched the sixth phase of operation “Will of Victory” against Islamic State (IS) sleeper cells in the country. The operations will continue to focus on the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Kirkuk.

The announcement stated that all elements of the ISF, as well as the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), which have been participating throughout the Will of Victory Operations, will partake in the sixth phase.

“Our units are operating across three axes. This operation has succeeded in clearing the Desert areas and areas that have been affected by terrorist elements. There are some areas that are difficult to access for our units, however we believe that we will succeed in clearing them too”, announced Nasser al-Ghanem.

Following the announcement, on Monday morning, the Salahuddin Operations Command announced that they discovered and destroyed seven IS hideouts in the province.

The anti-ISIS Will of Victory operations were launched by the ISF in July in order to track and exterminate the remnants of the terrorist group, which remained scattered across the country, but have attempted to re-organise themselves in remote sleeper cells following their dramatic demise after the liberation of Mosul and other territories formerly held by ISIS.

These operations have thus far succeeded in killing and arresting hundreds of ISIS-affiliated militants. The provinces of Nineveh and Diyala have now been mostly cleared of terrorist elements as a result of the Will of Victory operations.

Despite the popularity of these anti-ISIS operations conducted by the ISF among the general Iraqi population, the launch of the sixth phase of the operations comes amidst accusations directed against the ISF following admissions that they had used excessive force in quelling the recent outbreak of protests in Iraq over the past week.