Iraq: People Of Tal Afar Praise Security Forces In Fight Against ISIS


The town of Tal Afar in the Nineveh Province of Iraq was once under the occupation of ISIS. Since the liberation of the town by the security forces, its residents have praised their efforts.

Following the liberation of Mosul city from the hands of ISIS, Tal Afar was the next big success recorded by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in liberating the province of Nineveh from the terrorist group. The liberation of Tal Afar marked a significant step towards defeating ISIS in the province once and for all.

“The Iraqi police have a prominent role both in maintaining security and in engaging with other armed forces. We have heard about their sacrifices and we are proud of them, especially in the war against ISIS. They were the protectors of internal security, and we congratulate all members of the Iraqi police on this occasion”, stated a resident of Tal Afar.

The residents of the city have been living in a safe and stable environment now thanks to the efforts of the security forces and the police units upholding the security in the area. Thousands of people had fled the town in order to escape the ISIS terror, however, the situation has improved markedly since the liberation, and many of the residents have returned home and back to their normal lives.

The security provided by the police and security forces has allowed for the town’s residents to enjoy the state of stability. The second anniversary of the liberation was marked by a book festival, showing that culture is flourishing in a town where ISIS had attempted to impose its tyrannical power.

Despite this, reconstruction remains a significant issue in Tal Afar. The local mayor had estimated that around 20% of the town’s infrastructure had been destroyed as a result of the ISIS occupation and the ensuing liberation battles.

The horrors of ISIS rule inside Tal Afar, included their prisons and torture chambers, were revealed after the liberation. Residents recounted these horrors and are grateful for the dramatic change in their situation thanks to the security forces and police.