Iraq: Seminar On Education Held In City Of Sulaimaniyah


Education Directorate holds seminar in Sulaimaniyah on World Education Day in the hopes of advancing educational processes in the city.

On World Education Day, the General Directorate of Education in Sulaimaniyah held a meeting with government institutions and civil organisations, in the hopes of advancing educational processes in the city.

The meeting was aimed in part at improving educational processes in line with international standards, deemed particularly necessary due to the pivotal role education plays in advancing living standards and bringing communities together in the region. It was evident from the speeches and discussions at the seminar that attendees felt a collective responsibility to build an education system that provides children with the tools to achieve developments in society.

“Currently, many organizations have activities inside schools, such as holding various activities or dealing with problems if found and practicing community awareness. Therefore, attending these gatherings is necessary”, expressed one of the seminar attendees.

Improvements in educational services can cover anything from teacher training to increased government spending on schools and universities. At present, the services provided to students in Sulaimaniyah rank highly in comparison to other cities across Iraq. However, participants at the seminar highlighted the “great responsibility” they have to continue providing such a high quality of education.

Multiple new projects were introduced at the seminar, including one aimed at increasing capacity in schools. Other proposals focused on providing new learning opportunities. “There are directorates in Sulaimaniyah and they must participate in organizing scientific symposia, for example, or give lectures or seminars for our teachers, students’ parents, or even students themselves”, stated a seminar official.

Attendees of the seminar will consider all proposals put forward, after which the process of implementing new services in schools and universities in the city will begin. This seminar symbolises an investment in the future generations of Sulaimaniyah.

Iraqi Kurdistan, where Sulaimaniyah is situated, has remained a stable region in the country over the past few years in terms of security. This has allowed for initiatives such as these to take place with the objective to developing various fields, such as education and culture.