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Iraq Begins Manual Recount of Parliamentary Elections Votes


After being plagued with accusations of fraud allegations, the manual recount for the 2018 May Iraq Parliamentary Elections have officially begun on Tuesday 3rd of July.

Iraq kicked off on Tuesday the vote recount from May’s parliamentary elections that have been plagued by fraud allegations.

Counting started in the northern province of Kirkuk, an election commission source there said, and at least six other provinces were expected to follow suit in coming days.

The Iraq state TV showed dozens of ballot boxes lined up on the ground at a covered sports hall as commission employees were counting the sheets.

Parliament ordered a full recount earlier in June after a government report concluded there were widespread violations. No deadline has been set for its completion.

That kicked off a politically fraught process as leaders of political blocs got embroiled in negotiations over the formation of the next government.

A panel of judges overseeing the recount later limited its scope, ruling that it would only cover suspect ballots flagged in formal complaints or official reports on fraud.

Overseas votes cast in Iran, Turkey, Britain, Lebanon, Jordan, the United States and Germany will also be recounted, the panel added.

Representatives from the United Nations and foreign embassies will attend the process, as will local and international observers.

The elections’ initial results gave Moqtada al-Sadr’s Sairoun alliance the largest share of the vote.

On Sunday, one person was killed and 20 wounded in Kirkuk when a suicide car bomb went off near a storage site housing ballot boxes. Police sources said the warehouse was not damaged.

This was the second time that such storage houses were targeted.

In June, a site housing half of Baghdad’s ballot boxes caught fire in what officials said was a deliberate attack.

Image: AFP

Article: Asharq al Awsat