Iraq: Mosul University celebrates Victory Day over ISIS


The universities of Mosul and Nineveh collaborated to organise a celebration of the anniversary of the victory over ISIS in Iraq.

Students, professors and officials gathered at the University of Mosul to celebrate Victory Day against ISIS, which once occupied the university and took the city as the capital of its so-called caliphate.

A second celebration was also held at the University of Nineveh and comes amidst gatherings across the country to celebrate victory and remember fallen loved ones.

The celebration at Mosul University took place in the hall of scientific and literary forum and featured notable attendees who were draped with Iraqi flags around their necks.

“Today, we came to Mosul University, which has always participated in our celebrations, to share with the Iraqis the celebration of the first anniversary of the great and the epic victory which the Iraqis have accomplished by liberating every inch of the land in Iraq,” said Najim al-Jabouri, the Head of the Nineveh Operations, and a key military commander in the downfall of ISIS.

“Congratulations to all Iraqis, congratulations to the people of Mosul, and good luck to Mosul University.”

Formerly renowned as a prominent institute of learning in Iraq, the University of Mosul was turned into a hub for ISIS’ terrorist activities.

Faculty curricula were changed to fit the group’s esoteric and violent ideology, and science labs were used to manufacture chemical weapons against the Iraqi Security Forces.

Following ISIS’ defeat in Mosul in July 2017, however, students and teachers alike have attempted to rebuild their halls and catch up on their learning after a three-year hiatus.

The mobilisation of locals is indicative of the wider climate of post-ISIS life in Mosul, in which people at the grassroots level have come together to rebuild their city, restitch the fabric of their society, and put the dark legacy of ISIS behind them.

“We offer great greetings and thanks to the martyrs of Mosul who sacrificed themselves for this great city,” said Amira Mahmoud al-Shuma’a, an assistant to the university’s media team. “Mosul will return and shine again, and its people will rebuild the old city and will return Mosul as great as it once was.”