"Will of Victory": Looking Back At Iraq's Anti-ISIS Operations In 2019


The Iraqi Security Forces have targeted the remnants of ISIS in Iraq mainly within the framework of the "Will of Victory" military operations.

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have recorded several successes in their attempts to eradicate the remaining elements of ISIS in Iraq. The operations that have come under the umbrella of “Will of Victory” have been running since July of this year. It has recently entered its seventh phase.

“We made plans and the Iraqi Army has cleared all areas until the border. After the war, we started with a series of operations that we called the Will of Victory, and the seventh stage of it started a week ago and ended 3 days ago. We have achieved good results. We have found weapons, equipment, and hideouts belonging to them [ISIS] and we are continuing”, stated Juma Inad, who is leading the ground forces.

The Will of Victory military operations have brought together various units to fight under one unified umbrella against ISIS. These units include the Counter Terrorism Forces, the Federal Police, the Rapid Response Units, the intelligence services, and the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), in addition to the assistance provided by aircraft.

The main purpose of the Will of Victory operations has been to detect and exterminate the hideouts and sleeper cells formed by the ISIS elements that were scattered across the country following the terrorist group’s defeats during the liberation battles conducted by the ISF and its allied forces in 2017.

“The goal now is to purge the rest of ISIS sleeper cells, and we were able to attack some of their hideouts in areas that the group thought had taken over again”, saidThamir al-Husseini, leader of the Rapid Response Units.

The security leaders have stated that a number of areas have recently been liberated from ISIS elements and the local residents are free to walk in public without fear of ISIS attacks.

“Your news reporters can now roam in the cities of Hawija, al-Rashad, or Riyad. You can ask citizens about the safety that was achieved”, remarked Jaafar al-Battat, leader of the Federal Police.

The Will of Victory operations are still continuing on a daily basis as the security forces aim to end all ISIS presence in the country.