Artists across Iraq attend first film and TV festival in Anbar


For the first time in the city of Ramadi in Anbar Province, a film and TV festival is being held in attendance of actors, poets and musicians from the different provinces of Iraq.

The first film and TV festival took place in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province, in partnership with Iraqi artistspoets and intellectuals. Some short films were shown as well as traditional artistic performances and recitals of famous poems.

The running of the festival is a sign of the improved security situation in Anbar Province as well as of the development of the cultural and artistic scene in the region.

“This festival, which was held on Thursday, is seen as a way of conveying a message of peace, love and rehabilitation that is being experienced by the province. This is a sign that Anbar is stable and safe and is also a message to all the artists who attended this festival and saw with their own eyes what is happening in Anbar”, said Ali Farhan, an official from Anbar Province.

Those that took part in the festival assured that their artistic and literary works are continuing and developing and that the revival of these festivals in the province is dependent on support from the central government to meet the demands of those working in the arts, from theatres to cinemas.

A range of cultural initiatives have been launched in Anbar Province since the liberation of its territories from ISIS rule. For instance, a cultural centre was opened in Fallujah. Founded by academics and intellectuals from Fallujah, the cultural centre hopes to promote erudition and knowledge in a city that is known for its historical embrace of literature and culture.

The centre, which was opened with the support of the Fallujah Youth Forum, also intends to target young people by organising scientific, philosophical and even political seminars. The aim is to get young people engaged in learning and new ways of thinking, particularly in a city that has been attacked by extremist groups’ violent ideology.

Image: Al Hurra Iraq