Iraqi Security Forces Dismantle an ISIS Sleeper Cell in Anbar


Military Intelligence has managed to infiltrate and dismantle a terrorist cell operating on the Ramadi Island and Karma area in Anbar, arresting 5 leaders in the process.

Anti-ISIS military operations have been conducted in the province of Anbar, in western Iraq, which have led to the dismantling of an ISIS sleeper cell that included prominent leaders of the group, who have now been arrested. The operations took place in the Ramadi Island and Karma region of Anbar Province.

The Minister of Defence in Iraq announced that an ISIS recruiter and prominent associate of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was captured as a result of the operations. His name has been revealed to be Shaaban Nasser al-Hiti. This will allow the Iraqi Security Forces to gather information about the recruitment tactics employed by ISIS and other aspects of the terrorist group’s modus operandi.

Furthermore, an ISIS cave was reportedly exterminated to the west of Ramady city in Anbar. The source that divulged this information also noted that ISIS is being pursued in Wadi Houran.

In addition to the operations in Anbar Province, anti-ISIS operations in other parts of Iraq have continued. In Kirkuk, a security source reported the arrest of an ISIS commander “Ayoub” who has participated in several ISIS attacks on the province. According to the source, the militant was found with several communications devices, which they believe were being used between “Ayoub” and the rest of his cell. A number of ISIS bases were neutralised in the operations in Kirkuk.

In Nineveh Province, the Security Media cell announced the killing of six IS militants and the destruction of one tunnel near the Atshana Mountain range during clashes with the security forces.

These developments against ISIS come amidst an increase in the fear of a resurgence and re-grouping of the terrorist group in Iraq. Nevertheless, the Iraqi Security Forces have been taking the initiative over the past month to track the remaining ISIS elements in the country since the launch of operation Will of Victory and they have been recording progress ever since.