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International organisations establish two hospitals in west Mosul


Once a major medical facility in the city, the Mosul Medical Complex now stands completely destroyed after its complete dismemberment by ISIS.

With security returning to Mosul, the reconstruction effort has already gone underway, with a number of projects appearing across the city. The nine-month battle which took place to liberate Mosul from ISIS took its toll on the city that was once known as the cultural capital of Iraq. Tens of thousands of houses were destroyed along with hospitals and schools and the city’s essential infrastructure was also badly damaged.

However, international organisations along with a number of countries have been keen to reinvest in Iraq and play a role in the reconstruction of the country. During the recent Kuwait Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, $30 billion was raised by 76 different countries from around the world, with the biggest pledges coming from neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

The conference highlights how committed the international community is to seeing Iraq rebuilt and becoming a stable force in the region. According to the World Bank, reconstruction will cost up to $88 billion, which is more than $50 billion more than what was raised at the conference. Most of this money will come from the Iraqi Government’s budget.

In western Mosul, where the fighting was most intense and the damage most pronounced, two international organisations have helped establish two hospitals in the city. The Mosul Medical Complex, which consisted of seven different hospitals was badly damaged as a result of the fighting and ISIS’ scorched earth tactics, where they deliberately destroyed hospitals in the city as the Iraqi forces were making advances.

The local government does not have the capacity to rebuild the city’s health sector in time to meet the growing demands of Mosul residents. As a result the United Nations’ Development Programme (UNDP), in coordination with the German development agency, GIZ, have established two hospitals in west Mosul. The first is for rapid therapeutic services with a capacity of 150 beds and the second for medical surgery. This has been done to relieve the pressure on the local government and help it keep the health sector afloat.