Local forces expose a former ISIS-run prison in Fallujah

A prison in Hay Nazal, located in the centre of Fallujah, has been uncovered by local forces. Within the prison, the grim conditions of detainment are revealed that show shocking images of individual metal cages, in which ISIS militants used to put people deemed ‘un-Islamic’.

The prison was formerly run by the group’s Hisba (“religious police”), who would ensure that residents were adhering to their atavistic interpretation of Islamic law. Recently, the Iraqi Defence Ministry uncovered another former ISIS-run prison in Fallujah, which exposed similar horrors.

Residents from the recently liberated town of al-Qayyarah in Nineveh Province, who were detained by ISIS militants, have spoken first-hand at their experiences and treatment at the hands of the Hisba. One resident said that he was jailed numerous times by ISIS with a second resident saying that he lost several family members as a result of the group’s brutality.