Deterioration of IDPs' situation in Daraa, as winter arrives

Daraa has been at the epicentre of the “revolution” in Syria since the very outset in 2011 and has thus been a focal point in clashes between various groups vying for power in the region. The power games in this region have produced a large number of displaced people who are currently stuck in camps for internally displaced people (IDP) in treacherous conditions.

These people have been displaced from the Yarmouk Basin, which is right in the tip of the souther-western corner of Syria and it under the control of ISIS at this very moment. These displaced people have settled in a camp elsewhere in Daraa province and are preparing for a harsh winter.

The conditions in the winter are almost inhabitable. Rain has led to flooding in the camps. Tents are leaking with water and the paths have almost become impassable due to the wet mud. Those who have settled in the camp are appealing for aid and more tents as well as covering the paths with gravel so as to make them passable.

There are several other IDP camps strewn across the whole of Syria that are also suffering from a lack of basic necessities. These sites are also preparing for the oncoming winter. For instance, hundreds of people have been displaced from areas in Eastern Homs due to clashes between the regime’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hayy’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and ISIS. Many have now settled in camps, enduring harsh conditions without insulated shelter and a severe lack of heating equipment needed for the winter weather.

Daraa has been the centre of violence between a broad range of military forces for the past few years. ISIS, various rebel groups and the Syrian regime’s forces. This year has seen a series of offensives and counter-offensives initiated by all sides. Control over territories within the Daraa province have shifted continuously between these groups.

Image: SMART News Agency