As IDP camps swell in rural Idlib, volunteers are setting up temporary schools

The recent fighting in Idlib between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and fighters belonging to the Syrian opposition as well as al-Qaeda linked Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham who control the city of Idlib. The offensive will potentially trap three million civilians on the Turkish border and forces tens of thousands of people to flee the conflict-ridden areas. This has led to IDP camps that were already close to their capacity to swell up considerably.

Most local aid groups estimate that there are already more than 200,000 displaced people in the province of Idlib with many more due to be displaced as the Syrian Government’s offensive intensifies. Aid groups are worried that the camps that are already running low on essential supplies such as food water and electricity may not be able to cope with the massive influx of IDPs. As the winter cold becomes more pronounced, life for tens of thousands of IDPs will become more and more unbearable.

However, despite the bleak picture, a group of volunteers have taken it upon themselves to set up a temporary school in the Ma’ara countryside for those children who are stuck in these displacement camps. The volunteers teach up to 150 children across three different age groups. There are seven teachers, all of whom are volunteers.

The founders of this initiative said that they were aware of the lack of schools and the drop in education, especially for displaced children. This project has given inspiration to children who were left with little hope upon arriving at the displacement camp in the countryside of Idlib.