IDPs in Hama struggle to get their identity cards

Raqqa has been the object of a liberation effort by a number of forces for the past number of months. The ensuing battle against ISIS has brought destruction upon many parts of the city and has led a large proportion of its population to flee to areas outside of the grasp of ISIS rule. Several of these internally displaced people have escaped to the city of Hama, to the west of Raqqa.

These escapees have been waiting to obtain identity cards from the Civil Administration Directorate of Raqqa that was transferred to Hama. They require these identity cards in order to file complaints and make requests within the bureaucratic system for services such as accommodation.

Many have been waiting for days to obtain their identity cards and complain of corruption within the system. For instance, one civilian remarks that officials accept bribes to speed up the process of obtaining an identity card. Others lament the inefficiency of the system, complaining about the fact that the authorities conjure up flimsy excuses to justify the delays.

The Civil Administration Directorate in Raqqa puts the delays down to the exceedingly large numbers of people requesting identity cards and the lack of available working staff, in addition to the conditions of war that the country is experiencing.

Those escaping Raqqa due to ISIS terror and the battle for the city have dispersed all across Syria. Many have escaped to SDF-held areas to the north of the city as several IDP camps have been set up there. The most famous of these is the Ein Issa camp, just a few kilometres north of Raqqa city.

In Ein Issa and other such camps, civilians deplore the conditions in which they live due to the lack of food, clean water and other such necessities. There have been several calls made to international bodies to send more aid to IDPs that have fled Raqqa.

Image: Al Jazeera