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IDP Camps Expand Amidst Conflict In Northern Syria


Thousands of displaced people are still suffering and in search of safety and shelter in Syria, having fled from their homes in Idlib province and the Aleppo countryside.

The number of those displaced in war-torn Syria is still increasing, putting an ever-increasing amount of strain on resources. A lack of aid means the people of northern Aleppo have been forced to launch a campaign raising donations in order to provide shelter for those who are in need after homes, mosques and camps fill up with families fleeing the violence.

Idlib is currently the centre of the worst refugee crises in the entire nine-year Syrian civil war. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates the violence in Idlib has displaced at least 900,000 people between 1 December and 20 February. That number is likely close to 1 million by now.

The humanitarian response has secured less than a third of the funding needed to meet the needs of the thousands displaced until July 2020. A major issue is the lack of shelter, with multiple families being squeezed into tiny rooms together and the rest left to fend for themselves in tents or under trees, exposed completely to the weather. In the middle of a cold Syrian winter, temperatures have dipped below freezing.

“We have put people in mosques, shops, and streets after the camps were filled, in addition to some buildings that are still being built,” stated one volunteer.

A deteriorating access to health care and essential supplies for those displaced in Idlib has created a life-threatening situation, already resulting in preventable deaths.

Those displaced are moving to an ever-shrinking area near the Turkish border. However, Turkey, which already hosts around 4 million Syrian refugees, will not take anymore.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has stated he will not back down in his Russian and Iranian-backed assault on the last opposition stronghold in Idlib. Displaced Syrians are at the mercy of the ongoing violence and can do nothing but wait until it is over.