Quneitra: Aid organisation launches campaign to provide relief to IDPs

The Farah Organisation has provided warm clothing and equipment to internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Bariqa Camp in Syria’s western Quneitra Province.

The provision of this aid is part of an ongoing “Warm Winter Campaign” that is largely taking place in camps across Quneitra. This includes other camps such as al-Awda and Ahl al-Sham, which are located in the province.

Farah Organisation hopes that this aid will help families to deal with the upcoming winter cold, which in the area can reach into single digits. Workers with the organisation have been distributing five wooden blankets and two mattresses as part of the 1st stage to operations. A second stage will take place upon completion of the first, which will provide families with a winter clothing bag to every family.

Many of the camp’s residents have expressed their gratitude at Farah Organisation for helping them in this difficult situation.

“Today, Farah Organisation has provided woollen blankets and mattresses to the Bariqa camp because it’s now winter,” said one man. “We thank Farah Organisation for providing this aid to citizens because they need it to stay warm.”

In recent weeks, fighting in the province has picked up, causing large numbers of displaced people. Much of the fighting has taken place around the town of Hadar, located to the north of the province.

The Syrian Regime, which has always controlled the Druze-majority town of Hadar, has recently been countering the offensives led by rebel groups spearheaded by Hayy’at Tahrir al-Sham. This offensive was primarily directed from the town of Beit Jinn, which is north of Hadar. However, the offensive has stalled in recent days, with the rebel groups unable to take the town.