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Hospital In Kafr Nabl Treats Up To 200 Patients Despite Lack Of Support


Hospital in the Syrian town of Kafr Nabl provides free physiotherapy treatment to around 200 patients, despite suffering from financial and human resources. Patients worry that the hospital will shut down if no support is given to it.

A hospital has been opened in the small city of Kafr Nabl, in the north of Syria, to provide for the healthcare needs of the local population, in view of the lack of healthcare facilities in the region.

The hospital has already treated between 180-200 patients, including men, women and children. It conducts between 50-60 sessions with patients every day and the main focus of its treatment sessions are on physical disabilities and ailments.

This is a commendable effort taking into account the fact that those who work at the hospital are volunteers who receive no salaries. They are aware of the fact that if the hospital closes due to a lack of staff then hundreds of people in the city would have no access to the healthcare treatment that they need.

As is common among most healthcare facilities across Syria, especially in rebel-held areas, there is a severe lack of medical equipment and medicine needed to treat patients efficiently. Similar problems are faced in other hospitals in the north of Syria, which are somewhat isolated from areas where there is more economic dynamism.

Kafr Nabl is situated within the Maarat al-Numan Distrcit of Idlib Province. The city is under the control of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and it is well-known for its protests against both the Syrian Regime and Hayy’at Tahrir al-Sham, which governs much of Idlib Province. Protests against the HTS have been persisting in the district as local residents refuse the group’s rule, which they see as repressive and not representative of the will of the population.

The instability in terms of security and politics in the area is making it extremely difficult for public services, such as hospitals, to run freely and efficiently. Although Kafr Nabl is not the centre of military clashes at the moment, military operations between rebel factions and the regime’s forces having been taking place on the borderlines of the province for weeks.

Image: Nada Suriya