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Health organisations seek to unite efforts to help IDPs in northern Syria


As the military conflict in northern Syria rages on, the Directorate of Health and medical organisations operating in the region met to discuss support to displaced people.

Representatives from various health organisations in northern Syria came together to discuss unifying efforts aimed at helping displaced people from the region.

The meeting was held at the Health Coordination Forum under the banner “Together Saving Lives”. Representatives discussed how to to coordinate their responses for people displaced due to the ongoing conflict around Idlib Province.

“The aim of this meeting in northern Syria is to unify efforts between the Directorate of Health and medical organizations operating in the north of Syria,” said one of the participants. “Today we have invited some medical and aid organizations as well as the Health Directorate to coordinate more in order to fully aid those displaced in the northern areas.”

During the meeting with the representatives, a ‘health map’ for northern Syria was discussed, detailing primary areas of concern for local health authorities. Other issues, such as the coordination between organisations and mobile clinics, were also discussed.

Fighting in Idlib began in mid-April and has displaced over 300,000 people, with some estimates putting the figure as high as 590,000.

Many of those within these figures have also been displaced more than once. Northwestern Syria – and Idlib Province in particular – is home to 3 million people, many from other parts of former, Opposition-held areas of the country.

In a recent report by the organisation Save the Children, 1 child has been killed every day over the past 17 days and over 70,000 new displacements were recorded in the past three weeks. Other children have seen a pause to their education, with many living in camps.

Further satellite imagery published by the UN shows that at least 17 villages have been almost completely destroyed, including residential and commercial areas.

In recent weeks, the Syrian Government has made progress in southern Idlib, capturing the town of Khan Sheikhoun, where the April 2017 chemical attack took place, and other smaller towns and villages in the neighbouring northern Hama Province.