Health situation in Mosul camps declines as thousands arrive daily

According to the United Nation’s refugee agency, 503,000 people have been displaced from operations in the Nineveh province and Mosul. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration reported that more than 122,000 people had left camps in Nineveh. Over 2,000 had gone in the last two days. Almost all of them went to east Mosul.

Despite this, many still live in squalid conditions in overcrowded camps with little basic services and adequate medical care. As summer approaches, the health situation of the hundreds of thousands of IDPs in camps across Iraq and the Kurdish region will likely deteriorate further. Local and international organisations seek to provide for some of their needs, but are limited to offering small portions of food due to a lack of necessary funds and other logistical challenges.

One IDP complained that “there are no services, no hospitals and no doctors. Basic services do not exist and the summer is coming. The weather of Mosul in summer is so hot.” This is a common concern amongst people who have been forced to flee the violence in the city.

Meanwhile, inside the city of Mosul, Iraqi forces continue to advance further liberating neighbourhood after neighbourhood. The most intense fighting is taking place inside Mosul’s Old City, where hundreds of thousands remain trapped by ISIS, to be used as human shields.