The Hassan Sham camp is in dire need of more support and aid as more displaced arrive

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced over the last 10 months. The devastating battles to liberate land occupied by ISIS in Nineveh has forces families upon families to flee to nearby camps, which are usually under-equipped and have a lack of resources, and are thus struggling to cope with the continue outflow of displaced people.

The people in the camp are pleading the authorities and the international community to increase the amount of aid coming in. The United Nations says that camps across Iraq are facing severe shortages. Large families are crammed together in small, flimsy tents and young children are in urgent need of medical care.

The lack of humanitarian aid has been exploited by local traders. Dozens of traders have arrived in these camps every day to sell food, water and household items to those living inside. Makeshift marketplaces fill a crucial gap left by insufficient humanitarian aid.

As the Iraqi forces continue their offensive into Tal Afar, more displaced people are expected to flow into IDP camps across the northern part of the country. Tal Afar had 200,000 residents before the jihadist group seized it in July.

In the weeks prior to the offensive on Tal Afar, up to 30,000-90,000 people were still in the town. Iraqi officials estimated that 4000-6000 displaced people were arriving in the city every day, however that number has gone down in recent days.